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COVID-19 Precautions and Announcements

Hi Makers!

As many of you are feeling the effects of the COVID-19 virus in your everyday lives, we wanted to take a moment to reassure our customers and communicate what precautions we are taking to ensure everyone’s health during this time.

The health and well-being of, not only our customers, but our entire community is a top priority for us! Please know we are taking every precaution to disinfect, sanitize our studio for every workshop we hold. We know the world is telling you to stay away and locked inside your homes and the cancellations of school, school events and public events make this even more frightening. We understand and respect every precaution needed to protect your health and well-being, especially those of you who are at a higher risk of a severe infection or who have loved ones near that are at high risk.  But, we are a newly started, small operation and your business can literally make or break us so we are doing a few things to stay afloat in these uncertain times:

  • If you are healthy and want to get out, we are limiting our workshops to a maximum of 6 seats to ensure effective social distancing. We will continue to schedule more workshops, if needed, to ensure everyone can get in to create their projects.
  • If you have a workshop booked and you are not feeling well, please stay home. We will let you schedule a new date and time for when you are feeling better within the next three months, OR you can do a Hammer@Home kit, complete with all of the necessary instructions, supplies (paint, stain, sponges) and will offer video calls if you need help.
  • We clean and disinfect all of our tools, supplies, paint & stain bottles before and after every workshop. Most of what is being used in the workshop will only be handled by you. You will notice an absence of sponges and other materials in our regularly stocked bins - we will be providing each guest with the necessary amount of supplies needed during workshops to eliminate unnecessary communal handling of supplies
  • We will be accommodating private studio hours (no minimum number of guests required at this time) for anyone who is hesitant to participate in public workshops with our new limited seating policy.  Please call in advance to book your private studio time.  Project will be limited to our regular public workshops and Walk In Workshop options (excludes Big Builds).  
  • We are working on a process to roll out more Hammer@Home Kits locally for those in need of some creative therapy while staying at home.

Lastly, if you have any further concerns, please reach out directly. We are happy to make adjustments for you and the ones you love. Let us know how we can help you get out of the house without fear and let your creative juices flow!


Thank you all for your business and loyalty - it is much appreciated in these uncertain times!


Hop to see you at the workbench soon,